Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rolleiflex MiniDigi

So I'm casually paging through the October issue of Photo District News's Gear Guide, and came across this camera. A mini-Rolleiflex! And it's digital! And, even more exciting for me, the medium-format freak, it takes pictures in square format. Also, I love anything miniature, so I'm in HEAVEN.
Just like a regular Rollei it has a waist-level finder, and you turn the crank prior to taking a shot. The LCD is on the top of the camera, where the view-finder is on the standard. It's 5mp - not bad.
I found it at B&H online for $299.95, which is $100.00 less than it's listed for the Gear Guide. I am soooo saving my pennies!
I'm so excited I probably won't sleep tonight.

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