Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shadow of the House - Abelardo Morell

The Salem Film Festival begins February 26, and one film I'm particulary excited to see is "Shadow of the House", about photographer Abelardo Morell. From the film festival's website:

“Things are not always what they appear to be,” says Cuban American photographer Abelardo Morell. Shadow of the House peers into his past and around the corners of his present to see what normally goes unseen. This film is a rare look into the life of one of America’s renowned photographers. A feature length film, Shadow of the House explores how Morell uses his art to make sense of a life up-ended by geographic, cultural, linguistic, and political dislocation. It is an intimate portrayal of how one man’s personal struggle with the themes of loss, exile, and self-determination reflects the ways in which we all work to construct narratives that unite the past with the present and memory with desire. Morell has used this tension to fuel a career as a remarkable artist.

Morell’s life is utterly ordinary on the surface but our understanding of him deepens as layer after layer of the man and the impact of his experiences are revealed: his strange and compelling flight from Castro‘s Cuba in the early sixties, his adolescent years in New York City; his life as an American family man and photographer who is more comfortable working at home but whose career increasingly pulls him into the larger world.

The film shows Sunday, March 1st at 3:45PM

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